About Ludao

Zhejiang Ludao technology co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of China Ludao technology co., LTD., the company is located in China's Zhejiang Taizhou Sanmen Industrial Park Road No. 5, was founded in 2002, the registered capital of 120 million Hong Kong dollars, the company covers an area of 68 mu, with nearly 35000 square meters of garden-like modern factory and scientific research building, configuring a full set of biochemical testing equipment, has ten fully automatic aerosol filling production lines, annual production capacity of 100 million cans of aerosol products.

The company has strong management and technical teams, is mainly engaged in air fresheners, household cleaners, sanitizers series, personal care and so on four big series more than 200 varieties of aerosol products research and development, production and sales. Is domestic aerosol industry member unit and one of the standard drafting unit, at present the production volume in the national top three, products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

President Speech

Human is great because of dreams, enterprise is prosperous because of culture. As activitied automatically in long-term business operation activity, enterprise culture is a common appeal the comprehensive reflection of enterprise and employee, that all staff follow its values, beliefs, and behaviors. With , Enterprise culture and enterprise development strategy have high consistency, and will promote the implementation of strategy of developing. In turn, development strategy as the practice of enterprise culture, will lead further business culture sublimation.

After 10 years of development, Ludao company has become a national aerosol industry association member unit and one of the standard drafting unit, is also the vice President of Chinese association of professional committee of the pesticides and the grocery products unit. Facing the new situation, situation and strategy, it's a urgent need for us to extracte a set of matching with development strategic height, that reflects the common pursuit of enterprise and the employees, keep youthful vitality of the enterprise culture idea system, leading the green island company excellence. The "corporate culture handbook", has systematic conlusion and deep interpretation to company vision, purpose and concept of the green system, puts forward the basic moral tutelage, code of conduct and professional requirements, every employee should understand and grasp. Purpose is inspire employees from inner passion and motivation, and thereby achieve Ludao company goals of sustainable development through the cultivate guide and mind baptism to employees...

Company Culture

Strategy is based on Ludao company mission, objective and grand vision, to develop and maintain competitive advantage and making significant about the overall planning and strategy, decide Ludao company production and operation management of the basic properties and configuration of enterprise resources and environment construction of the basic model of interaction in current and future period, is the basic principle controling future development of Ludao as a whole.

Corporate Ultimate Aim
To be a humanistic, friendly, energetic and productive company

Vision is the ideal of green island company future development, just like the great beacon to ship. Have a guiding role to Ludao all business activities and cultural behavior. Ludao company takes people-oriented management, respect people's value, advocating simple and friendly relationship, fully mobilize all positive factors to make development, concentric harmony, make employees be open-minded self-confidence and full of passion. Let them work happily, comfortable life, enjoy work, realize the value of life in the development of Ludao. Ludao pursues positive happy people.

  • Corporation Mission
    Corporation Mission

    Committed to provide human with fashion, safe, green and environmental of aerosol products.

  • Corporation Spirit
    The spirit of enterprise

    Keep pace with the Times, pioneering and innovative, people-oriented, make continuous improvement.

  • Strategic Goal
    Strategy Goal

    To be stronger Persue excellence Built everlasting business



In June 2013, Yu YueRong was elected as the chairman of Santai industrial and commercial association executive vice president.

In May 2013, YuYueRong chairman was named "2012 taizhou outstanding entrepreneur".

On January 31, 2013 Yu YueRong chairman was awarded the 2011 Santai outstanding entrepreneurs by Sanmen county government recognition. "

On October 11, 2013, China Ludao technology co., LTD. get listed successfully in Hong Kong stock exchange main board, become the first Chinese aerosol industry listed companies in Hong Kong


In March 2012, YuYueRong chairman was elected as the CPPCC of Sanmen town.


In December 2011, "Ludao" was awarded as "Zhejiang province famous trademark".

In November 2011, the company was awarded as vice President of unit by China Daily groceries association of professional committee.

In February 2011, the president YuYueRong won "2010 annual sanmen entrepreneur star".

In September 2011, the company won the title of "Taizhou high and new technology center".

In August 2011, Taizhou Ludao cosmetics co., LTD enterprise name changed to Zhejiang Ludao technology co., LTD. Ludao investment holding co., LTD has Ludao, Zhejiang Science&Technology co., LTD 100% stake in registered capital 41.35 million HKD.

In June 2011, Taizhou Ludao cosmetics co., LTD. Upon approval of Sanmen county foreign economic and trade cooperation, agree to the registered capital of HKD 41.35 million. Taizhou Ludao cosmetics co., LTD issued announcement on March 23, 2010. As a sponsor of outstanding debt guarantee issued by the confirmation letter. Taizhou industry&commerce administration approved, the registered capital of 41.35 million HKD, paid-in capital HKD 41.35 million.

In April 2011 company passed the OHSAS18000 occupation health and safety management system certification.


In December 2010, won the award for the national high and new technology enterprise, considered as the province science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprise.

In December 2010, Ludao air freshener products got "Taizhou famous brand" title.

In June 2010, Ludao series products continued to win "the Hong Kong famous brand" title.

On May 24, 2010,Ludao investment holding co., LTD., hk $1.9 million. Accumulative total paid-in capital of hk $41.35 million.

On May 20, 2010, won a sunscreen aerosol liquid cosmetics special certificate and production license.

On April 23, 2010, Ludao investment holding co., LTD., hk $5 million. Accumulative total paid-in capital of hk $39.45 million.


In December 2009, company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system and IS014001:2004 environmental management system certification.

In November 2009, approved by the sanmen county foreign economic and trade cooperation, agreed to taizhou green island cosmetics co., LTD., registered capital remaining sum of hk $15.55 million paid time delay to pay before July 15, 2010.


On October 10, 2008, the company was awarded Chinese Quality Committee "international quality credit AAA level" title.

In September 2008, "Ludao investment holding co., LTD." was listed in the standing committee of units by China packaging federation and aerosol professional committee.