Carry out deep party's mass education practice


On November 7, 2015 13:30, the member and experts, more than 20 people, of the international association of aerosol application and metal packaging exhibition that just attended Ningbo the 7th international exhibition of aerosol packaging applications and metal member of international association visited and had an investigation on Zhejiang Ludao accompanied by the chairman of the board Yu YueRong. A delegation visited Zhejiang Ludao national aerosol research and development center, the domestic leading aerosol production workshop, the company product exhibition room. During the visiting. Yu YueRong chairman of the company's introduced the research and development capabilities, production capacity, equipment, facilities, company production, sales network service introduced. Visit customers and experts attending the meeting on the green island development and production of the ability to do the high praise, some customers on the green island air freshener products such as expressed strong interest.

The delegation was composed by the European aerosol league secretary-general, Brazil aerosol association chairman, chief executive of the British aerosol manufacturers' association, association of Australia aerosol, aerosol, chairman of the association for the advancement of India and chairman of Asian aerosol association. This will make a solid foundation for Zhejiang Ludao aerosol industry in the world and promote its international image and brand.

During the investigation, SANMEN television had a interview for aerosol professional committee of China packaging federation.